Image Policy

New Zealand Friends Date Photo and Username Policy

In order to be eligible for the New Zealand free online dating offered at New Zealand Friends Date all you have to do is MAKE SURE you upload 4 pictures of yourself and a complete bio at the time of registration. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DO SO AS MODERATORS CONSTANTLY MODERATE OUR CANADA SINGLES COMMUNITY AND DELETE PROFILES THAT DO NOT FOLLOW THE 4 CLEAR PHOTO POLICY!

1. No nude images / No shirtless images for main images
2. No dark shades / sunglassed. We do not allow any obstruction to the face except for exceptions in the law. Considering the nature of our website we ask people to be aware that on dating sites people want to see who they are considering dating. 
3. No @ symbols in usernames and no foul words in username
4. No contact info in profile
5. Do not post 'Will add later or Just Ask Me type profiles'. New Zealand Friends Date is not a messaging service or post it board, it's a dating site and we expect that all members have met some basic effort, including 4 clear photos and a reasonable bio.
6. Do not post pictures of other people on your profile
7. Do not post images of children or anyone under 18 years of age. 
8. Do not add ehanced graphics images or images with overlaid text or graphics.

These rules are strictly enforced by moderators. Thank you in advance for you understanding. Remember you can search the top New Zealand online dating areas here or use the deeper search functionality on all pages. 

- New Zealand Friends Date Customer Care Team