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    5 ft. 7 in.
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    Associates Degree
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    Marketing Public Relations
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First want to say that I am very descomplicated woman, I like to be myself and show who I am, I will let you some about me and my feelings like a book , a book full of sighs and happiness, I would like you to be my favorite book because really I am interested to know someone that can feel my words no matter what the distance. I think the loves that comes our life are the clues to recognize the right person and that would be not difficult. Just must to pay attention with eyes heart and see more than deffects, I'm very open minded and different woman, never shallow and yes with many love for to give, many passion, many things that my heart can't wait for my soulmate, it is searching for love and also be sure to find it. I have certain...... only can wait with smiles in my face.

What I am looking for

He must be sportive and interested in healthy lifestyle, as I. There is no need to provide a long list of description of ideal traits and a character as we hardly have the half of them. So, I am just looking for a man, no matter if that will be rich and stable life, or unpredictable. I believe, that being together with someone, who belives in you day after day makes each of us stronger. Being stronger with my partner day after day we will reach everything we need. I get used to belive in all the best , and do not want my partner to complain and to see only the worst. He must be strong not only from the outside, but also inside.